How much heating and cooling do you really need? HVAC load calculations are designed to answer that question. They provide HVAC contractors with a scientific way to measure heat loss and heat gain in a particular building. By factoring in all the elements that can influence your comfort, they ensure your HVAC installation always meets your needs. They can save you a bundle of money too. Your systems will perform better, last longer and need fewer repairs when a skilled professional performs a pre-installation HVAC load calculations.

The Goldilocks Rule for HVAC Installations

Like in the children’s story about Goldilocks, life is better when everything is sized “just right.” That principle applies to the equipment you rely on for comfort. HVAC systems are sized by the amount of energy they generate. Oversized HVAC systems tend to short cycle, resulting in uncomfortable swings in temperature. Undersized systems simply don’t have enough power to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your home or business.

HVAC Load Calculation Parameters

Under the blazing sun of summer in Arizona, anything that allows heat to infiltrate your building impacts your AC system. Load calculations help ensure that equipment is ready to beat the heat. The same strategy is used to ensure your heater can handle the chill of winter. Multiple factors are considered during a load calculation, including:

  • The building’s elevation and its orientation to the sun
  • The number and size of the building’s windows
  • The level of attic, wall and floor insulation in your home or business
  • The overall use of heat-generating appliances from ovens to computers
  • The number of people who normally occupy the structure

Professional HVAC Services

A reputable HVAC contractor never relies on guesswork to establish the ideal size for your heating or cooling system. At Wickenburg Air, our experts follow the industry’s highest standards for HVAC load calculations. We’ll ensure that you enjoy a right-sized system that keeps you comfortable and saves you money for years to come. To learn more about our quality installations, explore our full range of HVAC services or call 928-427-6480.