Most pet owners in Yarnell, Arizona think of their pets as cherished members of the family. Your furry friends might bark too much or scratch the furniture, but the joy they add to your to life makes it all worthwhile.

Pets impact your home environment when it comes to your HVAC systems too. Household pets make it harder for heaters and air conditioners to operate efficiently and run cleanly. The following HVAC maintenance tips can help create a cleaner and healthier home for everyone in your family.

1. Schedule Maintenance Service

HVAC maintenance is smart move for every Arizona household, but it’s particularly important for homes with pets. Most of the animal dander that pets shed is so small that it remains airborne for extended periods of time.

These biological contaminants become wedged into critical components of your HVAC equipment, causing wear and tear on the entire system. The cleanings conducted during a professional tune-up safeguard you from a premature replacement.

2. Change the Filter

Whether you have a single dog or a litter of kittens, keeping HVAC filters clean is essential when you have pets. Check them often and swap them out at the first sign of dirt. Keep in mind that standard filters aren’t designed to trap tiny contaminants like animal dander. Pleated filters that are electrostatically charged to attract small particles do a much better job.

3. Upgrade Your HVAC System

A number of HVAC products are available that can help rid your home of the biological contaminants pets generate. Whole-house filters and air cleaners installed in the ductwork work in tandem with your forced-air system. These indoor air quality solutions are designed to remove particulate matter without impeding airflow. They capture animal dander and dust mites that feed upon it too.

At Wickenburg Air, we’re pleased to provide our pet-loving communities with HVAC tips that improve life at home. For more information about our comfort solutions, explore our HVAC services or call us at 928-427-6480.