Industry research tells us that most HVAC repairs in Congress, AZ could be avoided with annual maintenance. HVAC contractors agree. The most important of all maintenance tips is to get your heating and cooling equipment serviced every year.

Getting your HVAC unit serviced every year can reduce the probability of a breakdown by up to 95 percent. Between tune-ups, you can help your equipment to run smoothly by following these four maintenance tips:

Change the Filters

Most HVAC filters should be changed every 30 to 90 days. Filters may need more frequent replacement if you have furry pets. Check filters often to ensure that they’re not dirty or clogged. Dirty filters prevent optimized HVAC performance and reduce energy efficiency. They can also damage your equipment by obstructing air flow.

Clear the Area Around the Outdoor Unit

Inspect this area often, and cut back any foliage to at least three feet. Make sure the unit is on a level surface, and wash away any leaves or debris on the top and sides of the unit with a hose. Clear away twigs, leaves and dirt in the area to allow for unobstructed air flow.

Keep Your Registers Clean

Make sure that nothing is blocking the air flow to and from your registers. Vacuum them often to remove dust and dirt, and wipe them with a damp cloth to keep dust and dirt out of your ductwork.

Monitor Your HVAC Unit

Unusual noises usually indicate a problem. Banging, hissing, screeching, thumping, squealing and rattling should all be checked by an HVAC technician. The same is true for foul odors coming from the registers.

Be on the lookout for weak air flow, puddles of water around the indoor units, hot and cold spots, thermostat problems and frequent cycling on and off. Any unusual activity that persists should be diagnosed by an HVAC service technician.

At Wickenburg Air, we offer an HVAC service plan for our Congress, AZ customers designed to catch and correct potential mishaps before they can dig in and cause trouble. To learn more about it, visit us online or call us at 928-427-6480 for more information.