We know what it’s like to live in Wickenburg, Arizona: the day might be hot and sunny, but at night, the temperatures plummet and can become dangerous without proper protection. Furnaces are an easy solution to heating your home; however, if not treated properly, furnaces can break down and become inefficient or even hazardous. Here are 4 warning signs you need a furnace repair:

The Furnace Makes Loud Noises

Other than the soft turning-on rumble or occasional chirp, your furnace should not be making loud noises. Bangs, clanks, and squeals should not be taken lightly and most likely indicate there is a broken or loose part in your furnace.

The Furnace Blows Weak or Cold Air

Not only does this mean the furnace is being inefficient, it also indicates a maintenance issue with your furnace — possibly something wrong with the thermocouple or pilot light. This type of issue can be complicated to fix, so it’s important to ask a qualified service technician to take a look and diagnose the problem.

Your Electric Bill Has Been Steadily Rising

If you find that your furnace has been using more gas each year and your electric bill is rising, there is probably an internal issue, such as a problem in the ductwork. Having your furnace repaired could not only save you money in the long run, but also prevent the furnace from unexpectedly breaking down.

You Smell Gas Leaking

A gas leak in your furnace could be potentially fatal and needs to be repaired immediately. If you do smell gas in your home, shut off both your furnace and the gas supply valve and schedule a furnace repair appointment as soon as possible.

Furnaces can be very complex and touchy HVAC systems, so it’s important to leave heating repairs to the experts. Call Wickenburg Air at 928-427-6480 and we’ll get your heating system in proper working order.